Management Services


Chambers Realty is one of the fastest growing management firms in the region. It is due to our reputation as working harder than any other firm to find good tenants. Our screening process is second to none and our vast experience in the current market allows us to screen out bad tenants and retain our good ones. Our occupancy rate is high and our turnover rate is low. Our top priority is to make our landlords profitable. We do this by finding good tenants quickly, reducing turnover, keeping maintenance expense low, and having a reputation where tenants come to us for safe and affordable homes.

Our management rates average between 8%-10% depending on the property and the number of units.

We advertise through news print, yellow pages, signage, unit signage, the web, local bulletin boards, large employers and fellow real estate agencies. I want to rent your property so bad I will ask perfect strangers if they need a place and hand them business cards with rent calculators.

Chambers Realty Maintenance Company takes the hassles away in dealing with repair and contractors. Our experienced maintenance men save landlords a fortune. Most of our guys can handle most plumbing and electrical repairs. While other firms hire licensed plumbers and electricians for minor leaks or bad light fixtures, we will repair such items for a third of the cost. Our men are courteous, clean and reliable. They are fully insured and can complete almost any repair or improvement for a reasonable rate.